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Hi, I'm Dr. Karissa Deane

Naturopathic Doctor & Postpartum Specialist 

I take the time to listen to your story and ask the right questions to get to the root cause of your health concerns. Each time we meet, we uncover more and peel back each layer, like an onion. Naturopathic medicine provides me the tools I need to treat every patient with a comprehensive, effective and unique plan made for them. 

Dr. Karissa’s clinical focus is women’s health, hormone health, fertility, and family medicine. Her favorite treatment tools are nutritional counseling, lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine, physical medicine and nutraceutical therapy. Dr. Karissa is also trained and has comfort treating mental health issues like anxiety and depression, endocrine conditions like PCOS and diabetes as well as autoimmune conditions, arthritis and chronic fatigue. 


Why Naturopathic Medicine?

Anxiety & Stress

Naturopathic medicine can work wonders for supporting and alleviating anxiety, mild-moderate depression, postpartum mental health, or stress management. 

Nutritional Therapy

I provide non-judgmental, body size neutral nutritional counseling to get you feeling your best. We focus on balance and utilize attainable methods like to help you achieve your nutritional goals. 

Annual exams

I provide visits focused solely on wellness and preventing illness. This includes wellness plans for adults and teens with unique prevention plans based on your personal and family history. 

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Balancing Hormones

Supporting and uplifting women of all ages within their healthcare is my passion. I want to provide you with the type of healthcare that is unique to you as an individual, taking into account your past, present and future, your goals and ultimately creating a plan for wellness. 

On most patients I order labs to further my investigation of the root cause of symptoms and disease processes. Labs are helpful tools to look further into your biochemical makeup. 

Lab work

Herbs & Supplements

Botanical medicine is often referred to as herbal medicine and it is one of my favorite tools in my toolbox! Herbs can often address mild to moderate health concerns before reaching for my script pad. 

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