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Doula Services

I provide birth doula services to families in the greater Portland, Maine area. The Doula care I provide is separate from my clinical work as a Naturopathic Doctor. As a doula, I provide non-medical care to families. Working with me is unique, because I come with a background and knowledge in Naturopathic Medicine. My work as a birth doula is where my passion for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum gets to shine. 

Doula traditionally means Woman Caregiver. In this role, I provide continuous support during labor by offering emotional support, physical comfort measures, partner support and assistance in obtaining information during this time. I provide this care whether you plan to birth at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital. 

If you're interested in chatting more or setting up a time to see if I'd be a good fit for your birthing team, please connect through the contact form or schedule page. I look forward to hearing from you! 


I will support you no matter the birth plan you choose. Whether you choose home birth, hospital, midwife, OBGYN, pain relief, no interventions, induction, chanting, swearing, silence, VBAC, cesarean, water birth, etc.

How it works...

We start with an interview to get to know each other and see if I'm a good fit for your birthing team. You can ask me questions about anything that will help you figure that out. I'd love to hear about the vision for your birth, about any past births or perinatal history, why you're looking to work with a doula, etc. I love to hear from both parents (if there are two). If you feel we're a good match, then...

During your labor and childbirth, I provide continuous support. We will have already discussed at your prenatal appointments what type of physical comforts, emotional support, partner support, etc you may desire. I will come when labor begins (or when you want me to get involved) and stay until a couple hours after the sweet new member of your family is born. 

We have 2 prenatal visits: one around 30 weeks and another around 37 weeks. From the moment you hire me, I am on-call for your birth. You have access to my cell-number, and I guarantee quick replies. After you hire me, I welcome any texts/calls/questions. I will also know when it's time for you to involve your healthcare provider. I always encourage good communication with your midwife or OBGYN. 

After birth, I plan for two postpartum visits. 1-2 days after and the second 1-2 weeks after. This can provide an opportunity for discussion around the birth events, closure, or an opportunity for me to help out with something you may need. If you feel you need further doula support at that point, I will refer you to amazing postpartum doulas in my network. 


When you hire me as a doula, you can expect: 


2 Prenatal visits​ 

Continuous support through labor and delivery

1-2 postpartum visits

Text/call support from the time you hire me


To schedule an interview, head to my contact page and send me a message with your interest in doula services

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