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Postpartum Healthcare


Postpartum specific healthcare is vital and dedicated care for individuals who are in their postpartum period. This period can last weeks, months or even years after childbirth. The journey through conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery changes your body in ways we can only begin to conceive of. I am dedicated to listening to your story, gathering all of the information and meeting you where you’re at. Whether you have a brand new baby at home or find yourself needing this care as your child grows older.

The time period after a person gives birth (by any means) is deemed the postpartum (post-delivery) period. Often people are given a finite and predetermined length of time that this occurs for, typically 6 weeks. I truly see this as an individual experience for each person that cannot have a predetermined length of time placed on it. The experience a person has during their postpartum period is shaped by many aspects, including preconception health, the experience of pregnancy and how that impacted the health of their body, their labor and delivery experience (the mental, emotional and physical aspects) and the time given to recover from the journey of pregnancy into new parenthood (whether it be your first child or subsequent children).

"I truly see this as an individual experience for each person that cannot have a predetermined length of time placed on it."

Physical health

Regain strength​

Nutritional counseling for postpartum & breastfeeding


General Health and Wellness​

Annual exams ​

Health management

Wellness Plans

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Regain strength​

Urinary incontinence

Painful sex

Endocrine/hormone balance​

Thyroid ​


HPA axis dysfunction 

Mental health

Baby Blues​

Mild-moderate depression



Creating a network

Support groups

Referrals ​

Postpartum Doulas







Fibrocystic Breast Disease



Postpartum Depression




Urinary Incontinence

Pelvic Pain

Painful sex

Specifically, we can work together on your hormone balance, acknowledging the complexity of your endocrine system including thyroid health, reproductive health and adrenal vitality. I can address structural integrity and strengthening your body with a postpartum lens. Diagnose and treat common postpartum complaints including pelvic pain, urinary and/or fecal incontinence, painful penetrative sex, and many more...

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